BAMR is a new online community for

mums who run!


Started on Instagram and now with a Facebook page and private Facebook chat group, make yourself a cuppa and head on over and join the gang!

BAMR is;

  • A fab new online community!

  • UK based but worldwide welcome! (we’ve sent merch as far as Australia!)

  • A place we can chat about running and kids and life and stuff. (No kids? no problem!… come join in anyway!)

  • A place for encouragement! If you can run for a minute or a marathon you are still a badass

  • Sometimes a little sweary - eeek!

As mums we juggle a lot and for many of us running is 'our time'. BAMR is here to remind you that you are a total badass! Repeat 'I am a Badass Mother Runner!'

No Judgement. Encourage others. Remember everyone is on their own journey.