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Who doesn’t love a good book? There are so many great reads out there, here are a few favourites from Badass Mother Runners Club community.


eat, drink, run,

Bryony Gordon

“Bryony Gordon was not a runner. A loafer, a dawdler, a drinker, a smoker, yes. A runner, no. Yet somehow, as she began to recover from the emotional rollercoaster of laying her life bare in her mental health memoir MAD GIRL, she began to realise that getting outside, moving her body and talking to others for whom life was also an occasional challenge, might actually help her. Going for a run might not banish her sadness but at least it might show it that she was damn well trying to beat it, which is sometimes half the battle. As she began to run further she started to see the limitations she had imposed on her life more clearly. Why couldn't she be a runner? Or a bungee jumper? Or a deep sea diver? Maybe rather than sitting on the sofa watching the world go by, fulfilling your dreams was just about standing up and taking that first step. Maybe you can do it too.

In April 2017, less than a year after she had weighed herself at over 16 stone but stepped off the scales and started training anyway, Bryony Gordon ran all 26 and 3/4 miles of the London Marathon. Here, in her new typically funny and hugely inspiring memoir, she shows us how extraordinary things can happen to us all, no matter what life throws at us, if we're just willing to keep going”

What do the Badass Mums think?

I LOVE IT! I listened to the audiobook which she read herself. It has an interview with Prince Harry in it! Really enjoyed it!
— Kate - BAMR FB Group
Absolutely love this book!
— Vikki - BAMR FB Group
This book is amazing! Such an inspirational read!
— Katy - BAMR FB Group
Amazing book! Absolutely loved it!
— Ellie - BAMR FB Group
Such a brilliant book
— Kate P - BAMR FB Group


running for my life

Rachel Ann Cullen

“Suffering from depression but desperate for 'normality', Rachel Cullen found herself in failing relationships, the wrong career and a reliance on alcohol and chocolate to get her through each day. Stuck in an endless cycle of mental misery, she put on a pair of old trainers.

She'd never been able to think of herself as a 'runner' before, and the first time she forced herself out the door, she knew it would hurt. Everywhere. She just didn't realise how much it would heal her, too.

Interspersed with Rachel's real diary entries, from teenage non-runner to London Marathon finisher (just months after giving birth), she questions if she really can outrun her demons”

What do the Badass Mums think?

Of all the running related books I have read this was the best. Great read!!!! She is also very inspirational to follow on Instagram!
— Vikki - BAMR FB Group
401 challenge.jpg

401 challenge

Ben Smith

The story of Ben Smith, who decided to run 401 marathons in 401 days. People thought he was mad, until they heard his story, then they began to understand. Having endured years of bullying as a child, Ben tried to take
his own life. In adulthood, Ben struggled to feel content with the life that was mapped out for him. But having found his passion in running, Ben sold his possessions, escaped his old life and set off on what seemed like an impossible mission - The 401 Challenge.

During his 10,506.2-mile odyssey criss-crossing the UK, Ben ran in 309 different locations, accompanied by more than 13,500 people. He visited 101 schools, burned an estimated 2.4 million calories, wrecked his back and braved every extreme of the British weather, while raising £330,000 for charity, touching the lives of millions.

This is the inspiring journey of a previously lost and broken man who discovered that anything is possible, if only you choose to search for what makes you truly happy.

What do the Badass Mums think?

Incredibly inspiring book, not only about the running but in terms of life, fighting your demons and accepting yourself
— Chris - Mr BAMR (Bev's hubby)
I was lucky enough to attend one of Ben’s talks and he’s such an amazing speaker! love this book and am excited to follow Ben’s journey on his newest adventure across the USA
— Bev - BAMR