Al on Running and Yoga

My name is Al and I’m a professional yoga teacher and non-competitive (and super slow) runner.

I run to be out in nature, I think if I didn’t run I probably wouldn’t explore the beautiful woods and parks around where I live (Staffs Cheshire borders)

I started my yoga journey over 25 years ago as I have struggled with my mental health all my life.

I used the benefits of yoga to get me through some of those tough times but sometimes I was too ill and “out of it” to practice.

I fell seriously mentally ill several years ago when my son was little and ended up in hospital.

Fortunately, my yoga was there to help catch me….

Then one day while out for a walk with my son, he ran off and I couldn’t catch him. I thought I need to be able to outrun this kid!  So, I started the Couch Potato plan, what a release of tension.

Don’t get me wrong, yoga has been a rock-solid path to healing for me mentally, but running brought a curiosity…where can I run to, how fast can I go, how far can I run?

Soon I was hooked!

I felt like a child again…. I even dance while I run, I don’t care who sees me.

Running brought me out in nature, through the woods…I love coming home muddy 😂


I then felt inspired to become a yoga teacher and incorporate sessions for runners, people with injuries, people like me.

I’ve never done a park run or race, I like “me time” with my Zombie Run app and my music and run anywhere between 5 and 10 miles depending on the day.

Yoga is my path of sheer bliss. I’m balanced, calm and strong and it prevents me from running injuries.

Running brings out my inner child, which I’m never letting go!

Instagram.  hathabliss_yoga

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