Badass Mamas

  • Al on Running and Yoga

    My name is Al and I’m a professional yoga teacher and non-competitive (and super slow) runner. I run to be out in nature, I think if I didn’t run ...
  • Badass Mama Sam on Running with Inflammatory Arthritis

    Me and running were on a break. It’s hard to explain the amount of pain I was in and the frustration I felt when every medical professional put it down to any sport that I did.
  • Cerys on Running Through Covid in Singapore

    Security guards on the apartment blocks must have thought I was crazy running around and around the block. But I did it and I didn’t stop. I ran my first half marathon in 2hrs 18 minutes. Then logged onto zoom for online teaching not quite believing what I had just done. I don’t think my husband, nor my own children quite believed me either. I thought maybe I could be a runner.
  • Returning to running after a Prolapse.

    Standing on the start line I had butterflies. The race started well - probably setting off a little too quick but the pace felt good. The hardest part was between 5-8km but the crowd where amazing. Clapping and cheering every runner that went pass them. I spotted a few people that I knew which helped pushed me on.
  • Rachel runs the 'Chase The Sun Tatton 10K'

    When I got to 7k my legs were really heavy and my aim became not to walk. I caught up with several runners who seemed to be having the same problem. We progressed on to the finish line and past the mansion house. Some people started to sprint...
  • Top 10 - Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

    Looking for some Mother's Day gift inspiration? Here's our top 10 gift ideas just for you!
  • Running Saved My Life - By Michelle

    Then came the day I realised there was a problem. My resting heart rate had always been low (as had my blood pressure) but it started dropping lower and averaging at 32 bpm instead of 42 (which was my average for a few years). It was my watch that kept alerting me...
  • Helen Shares her Journey Back to Running

    Over the years I've battled with my mental health it stemmed from being bullied at school then I went on to having five miscarriages I am extremely lucky to have both my children.
  • Taking Back Control Through Running

    I still remember the day I started running. I’m a Divorced, Single Mummy to two girls, aged just five and eight. I also suffer with an Anxiety Disorder. The year I got divorced in 2017, I landed my dream career as a Police Constable. A couple of years on…and I found life overwhelming.
  • 'Running Just as Fast as I Can' by Serena

    I am the first to admit that at school I was a bit of an oddity.  I wasn't sure quite where I fitted - on the one hand I was all black nail varnish, tasseled skirts and bootleg Nirvana cassettes.  On the other I had a secret crush on Mark Owen and knew all the words to Don't Love Me for Fun by Boyzone.  Probably for that very reason I was never really one for team sports 
  • Badass Mama Kirsty Shares Her Running Journey

    I did something which at the time felt that it wouldn't happen, and that was put myself into a charity place ballot for the 2022 London Marathon, and lo and behold, I got a place! 
  • Badass Jean on Running Through Cancer

    I was never much of a runner despite having a career that necessitated it. In January 2018 I told my Dad I'd run Race for Life for him and he ...