About Us

Reminding Mums They are Totally Badass... One Runner a time!

Badass Mother Runners was originally started in 2018 by marketer & mum of 2 Bev Logan from South Wales. After getting sacked from her job and finding herself battling depression and anxiety Bev wanted to find a way to help other mums who might be feeling the same way.

Having personally been using running as a way to cope with stress Bev took to social media to bring the Badass message to the world. It was originally set up as a teeny hobby, a side hustle that was initially just an Instagram page but grew quickly to include a fabulous private Facebook chat group full of the most supportive women you could ask for! 

3 months into the journey the 'Mama Got Merch' range was born and what started with simple hoodys and casual tees (bought with £500 'emergency money' stashed in a drawer) has evolved into a vast award winning range of empowering technical running wear popular with customers all over the world. 


"Some girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice... and some girls are Badass mothers who run"

- Ultra Runner Magazine