Join us for an epic weekend away in the Peak District with running, dancing and no doubt cake!
  • MAY 7th -8th 2022 - National Running Show South (Farnborough)

    In May we are headed to the legendary Running Show South in Farnborough! We will be bringing tonnes of Badass merch for you to see/buy and will be on have to chat and answer any questions! We can't wait to see you!
  • 24TH JULY 2022 - BADASS EPIC 10K (Cardiff)

    Come and run the inaugural Badass Epic 10k in Cardiff! A race not to be missed!
  • Mum of 4, Jemma, Shares her PB Smashing Running Journey

    I started my running journey 10 years ago after having my second baby, I literally went out to the local park with my best friend and started power walking, then jog/walking and eventually running! .

    I had no idea about pace, times, distances, no fancy watch, not even an app on my phone! All I literally cared about was how amazing it felt every time, the endorphins helped me deal with the stresses of being a young mum to 2 small babies! Literally babies 18 months and 2 months! The time out the house was mine, and I in that short time I could almost be free! (Sounds corny but so true) .

  • Running During Pregnancy by Laura

    When I found out I was pregnant, I was in the midst of training for a half marathon. In fact, I had an 11 mile run planned for the following day. On the basis that I wouldn't be doing something my body wasn't used to, I carried on with my training but let go of any time-based goals. The little bit of research I had done said that not getting the heart rate up too high was the aim, so I have tried to stick to that throughout which has meant ditching interval training and anything else speed-related.
  • From Baby to Marathon PB in 11 Months by Emily

    I run my first Parkrun almost exactly 3 months since having Ted; a very hilly Parkrun in Lullingstone. I finish feeling exhausted but great to have done it. As I walk over to my husband at the finish I realise my leggings are wet. I’ve basically wet myself. I want to cry