Couch to Badass by Lindsay

I could never understand people who ran… Especially for fun! The majority of my life I have struggled with Anxiety and depression, trying new things is difficult especially if they are out of my comfort zone or thing's that people can judge me for! During lock down I was walking the dog at night just to get some headspace, I love my kids but I'm sure they said Mum 1000x a day and trying to do home schooling was an impossible task.

One day my friend asked if I wanted to try Couch25k. I laughed, Lindsay doesn't run, not even for a bus!! I don't want people seeing my face bright red, sweat running down my face, all my bits jiggling about. Anyways she convinced me, the first run we chatted and laughed the whole way through it, I thought I might pass out but I managed it and so wanted to see how I would get on.

9 weeks later end of August 2020 we graduated but instead of running 5k we ran 10!! As much as I couldn't believe it, I fell in love with Running, initially I kept running 3 times a week usually 5k or so and in September pushed myself to run 75k in a month. Managed it and got my first ever real life medal! October I signed up for 2 challenges; firstly, a local charity where you can run or walk 5k a day, I have ran all so far except 2. Secondly, running 100k in the month.


Running has given me a new confidence, a new self belief that I can do what I put my mind to and most importantly of all its helped me clear my mind and sleep well at night. Some days I wake and think I can't be bothered to run but it's safe to say I've never regretted a run yet, even the slow, hard and difficult ones because I’ve got my kit on and have done something I would have never done before.

Running isn’t lonely, even if you run yourself there is a whole community online through social media who spur you on, congratulate you on your success and push you when you feel like you might give up. I will forever be thankful to my friend for convincing me to try it. It's safe to say now 'Lindsay Loves to Run'






I am Lindsay, 33 from Edinburgh. My husband works long hours and away from home a lot. We have 3 Kids. Two boys age 12&9 and a daughter who is 4. I clean people's houses for work so run either before or after work whilst the kids are at school and run at the weekend when my husband is home or family can help out with childcare.

You can follow Lindsay’s journey on Instagram.

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