Helen Shares her Journey Back to Running

So my running journey started after getting a school report at 14 an entry from my PE teacher said I would never achieve anything in sport because I was far too timid!
From then on my dad took us to our local athletic track with a point to prove and to toughen us up, I couldn't even run a lap of track I was so unfit.
I attempted nearly every discipline going from then on to get points for our club, at the time my sister was the star javelin thrower I was, I guess, dragged along for the ride never coming first but just taking part.
Fast forward to 2019 I had a go at our local Parkrun, then I saw my neighbour had taken up running and we put in for London Marathon but both got rejected Determined to run a marathon we put in for Edinburgh and the running bug took hold.
From then on I've run numerous Parkruns not as many as I'd like because I'm a football mummy on a Saturday for my 6 year old.
I've recently joined up with my local athletic club where I first joined up at 14 seeing familiar faces and meeting new people.
Getting back into running has saved me and been my go to stress relief, time out, my time to unwind. Over the years I've battled with my mental health it stemmed from being bullied at school then I went on to having five miscarriages I am extremely lucky to have both my children. My husband is a train driver and last year was involved in a fatality which seriously effected his mental health.
With the ongoing pandemic I had a breakdown last year I had tried to shield my depression & anxiety but I knew I couldn't supress it any longer and needed to ask for help.
My children are involved with our local Parkrun and running for me brings so many people together, gives us so much confidence and happiness and makes us appreciate our health all the more.
It's taken me to lots of different places and this year my husband and have been given a charity place for Rethink Mental Illness running the Berlin Marathon in September. I am excited to take on the fundraising and challenge and feel lucky to have the opportunity to raise more awareness of mental health issues and no one should ever feel alone or too scared to ask for help.
Happy running everyone and thank you so much for reading 😊

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