Five years ago I did my first half marathon in just under 2 hours and I loved every minute of it! Well maybe not every minute… but you get the idea.

Today was my first ‘proper’ run in four years. And when I say ‘proper’ I mean 20 minutes on the treadmill.

I’ve been trying to get back into running for so long and realised that my biggest hurdle to do so was me holding on to the past. I kept putting off going as I knew it would be an unwanted realisation of how unfit I am now, compared to then.

And then I realised, I’ve been talking myself out of doing it in fear of what I would feel: unfit, tired, incapable of running as fast, or for as long as I once did. But what a negative and damaging mindset to have. Out of the past four years I’ve been pregnant for nearly two of them, given birth to two children, raised them, planned and had a wedding, returned to work twice off maternity leave and battled anxiety and PND. And here I am beating myself up for not being able to run myself straight into another half marathon! Are you kidding me?

It made me think, how many of us are putting off doing things we once loved to do, out of fear? How many things do we desperately want to do, but haven't yet found the motivation, the confidence or the time to do it?

Well today, I did mine and it felt bloody brilliant! And the best part? I didn't wee myself!

Whatever it is you've been putting off, I say do it, You’ll feel great for getting yourself back to it and claiming back the part of you that you thought you lost ❤️



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