Nat's First Ever Relay Race

Today I took part in the Run Wales Relay at Pembrey Park and I loved it. This is not something I would look to do or take part in but I was asked by my fellow BADASS Mother Runner Suzie and pretty much couldn’t say no.

Felt a bit anxious about it as I’d not done anything like this. 5k, 10k, half marathon… I’ve done all of these but today was a shorter, faster race, just 2 miles (3.2km) per runner AND I was running with a team (faster runners than me too). As I’ve been training for the half marathon I’d been relying on my run/Walk method and concentrating on the longer distances rather than speed.

I must have been raring to go today as I was ready early (not late for a change). Picked up the main BADASS herself, Bev and made the journey to Pembrey Country Park.

NAT 2.jpg

Quite a number of people at Pembrey for the event but then we soon discovered that only 18 teams were in the ‘fun/social’ element as the more serious championships were after our run. 18 teams. SHIT! Pressure was on. Especially when I saw how many running clubs were there. They all looked pretty serious to me. What if all these people run 30min Parkruns? What if these people all run past me and knock my confidence? What if I’m so slow and I let my team down?

So I was there and there was no turning back. I just needed to do the best I possibly could.

GROUP 2.jpg

The girls were so encouraging… The doubts soon went.

Now, this was also out of my comfort zone as headphones were not allowed. So no music to motivate me and the thought of hearing me breathe/huff/puff made me cringe. I also opted to not take my bum bag which usually holds my phone. I couldn’t handle running without my bottle so took that with me… Although I didn’t really need it.

Bev was first. Whilst she was out, Suzie and I did a tiny little warm up just to get my legs moving.

BEV 1.jpg

Then it was my turn… No turning back. Took the baton and headed off. Needed to take it easy as didn’t want to wear myself out. 1km down and I was impressed with my pace. 6.17/km. Holy shit. That’s the fastest I’ve run. Then I started talking to myself to motivate me with lots of




And so on!

2nd KM completed and I’d maintained a reasonable pace. 6.26km/h. FUCK I really can do this. I could possibly make it in around 20minutes. I didn’t think this would be possible. I had no choice at this stage but to keep going. No recovery walks. Just smash the rest of the run. I heavy breathed the whole way round as this would be the only thing that would slow or stop me.

I was determined to not allow anyone to pass me… Well apart from the guy from Porthcawl running club who passed me on their final lap! Hmm…. Not quite the fun/social entry Run Wales were expecting. But I could handle that.

I could see the running village in the distance. I got my ‘baton’ ready and psyched myself up for that final stretch where Suzie would be waiting along with my son, grandson and step daughter who were there supporting me.

RIGHT… here goes (another quick pep talk out loud as I came around the corner). Fucking belt it out now for the final stretch. And I did. I put every. Last. Piece of energy into this final stretch. I was knackered at the end

NAT 3.jpg
NAT 5.jpg
NAT 6.jpg

I felt amazing! I did it. And I did it in a reasonable time too!

NAT & BEV .jpg

This is my ‘I feel like a BADASS right now’ face

Suzie then brought it home with an awesome time too. Resulting in our BADASS team completing the 6 miles in 58 minutes!!


What a team!


We didn’t make the top 3 but we did pretty damn good for a non running club team! In our eyes we did awesome.


And of course, no BADASS Mother Runner meet up could finish without the presence of cake!



I love being part of the BAMR online community. We’re not an official running club but the online group allows us to express ourselves freely, talk about running with no judgement and ask questions without any fear of feeling embarrassed.

Now to look forward to the Swansea Bay 10k next Sunday followed by the Cardiff Half Marathon 2 weeks later.


nat pic.jpg


“2019 has been my year for me. Losing weight and getting fit. Starting with the Couch 2 5K in February and heading for my half marathon in October! Blogging my way through my journey has helped me focus on my progress and spurred me on (and inspiring others has been a bonus too!)

As a thirty-something mother of 2, wife of a shift worker and working for myself means I have to juggle runs around a busy schedule. Joining a running club isn’t really an option for me, for this reason I’m also a bit of a lone runner too. Having the BAMR online community with the odd meet up here and there works for me. I’m proud to be a BADASS!”

Head on over to Nat’s blog to read more!

Or follow her journey on Instagram here

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