Rachel runs the 'Chase The Sun Tatton 10K'

On 3rd August 2022, I took part in the Chase the Sun Tatton Park 10k, organised by Run Through UK. The 10k is a gently undulating route through the grounds of Tatton Park.
The first 2km are flat and then there is then a gentle decline into a wooded area. The route runs along Tatton Mere, looping and heading back towards Tatton Park gardens. This is a beautify run in the grounds of the park.
 It was a lovely, sunny evening but this did not make ideal running conditions as it was a little hot and humid.
I had not had the best start to the race. I was at work during the day and decided to take public transport from Manchester to Knutsford for the race. When I arrived at Knutsford, I opened Google maps and followed the route to the start line. This seemed to be the longest walk around Tatton Park ever. At one point, I knew I had to be on the other side of the Tatton Mere but I could not work out how to get across!
I also have an irrational phobia of Geese – Guess that I had to pass. A huge gaggle of Canadian geese - joy.
The lovely thing about my epic walk is I did see the herds of deer. They were beautiful.
By the time I reached the start line, I had walked 3 miles, was traumatised by the geese and I was desperate for the loo.  Luckily, I arrived early so had a lovely cup of tea and prepared for my race.
My friends Jo and Emma arrived, and I was able to have a quick chat with them before the race started.  I wasn’t really feeling it, so my aim was just to finish. I have said this at previous races and then gone on to get a PB but today was not one of those days.
The first 2k went well. This was relatively flat, and I felt I was at a good pace. However, after 2 miles I became thirsty. Following my neck dissection, I would suffer with a numb tongue, I hadn’t had this for some time. However, at about 2 miles my tongue went numb and I started to wish I had ran with water.
I knew this was just a race to enjoy so decided to slow it down. I watched the sheep and rams, posed for a photo and ensured that I was smiling at everyone who came in the opposite direction.
When I got to 7k my legs were really heavy and my aim became not to walk. I caught up with several runners who seemed to be having the same problem. We progressed on to the finish line and past the mansion house. Some people started to sprint, I made this error last time so waited until I had got through the gate.
I finished strong but a bit disappointed. I completed the 10k in 58:08 which is the slowest I have been for some time. I am just staying positive that it was under an hour. When I did the race last it was in 54:44. I was 171/303 and in 56 female out of 135. I was 8/15 in VF40. I was pleased with my position as though it was not one of my strongest races I still feel I did well. I also love the photos taken as I was running. I look really happy.
I still believe that you will never regret doing a race but you will always regret not doing one. I am feeling a little fat at the moment so it is all calories being burned. I am now concentrating on getting ready for the Great North Run.
I am Rachel, I live in Bolton with my husband Markus. I love running and I am am a member of a run club, Lostock AC. I also love rock music, going to festivals and leggings with skulls on!
My Instagram is @badwish81 😊


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