Ship Wrecks, Dolphins & Beers..Oh My!

Sometimes through the power of social media you meet some very cool people! Even better is when you meet people through social media who share your love of running and that can lead to some pretty epic adventures that you might not have had otherwise!

Recently I met a badass mother runner via Facebook who kindly invited me trail running down the Gower Coast and showed me the epic sights and scenery that despite being not far from where I live I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t been there before never mind been down there for a run!

This is Lara…

Me and the lovely Lara

Me and the lovely Lara

Lara is a mum of 2 gorgeous boys and together with her family owns the Kings Head pub in Llangennith! They have been there for 30 years! Now, I’ve never been one for trendy modern bars with weirdly named pretentious cocktails and food with teeny posh portions, nope! Give me a classic British pub and a cold pint in a quiet corner and I’m a very happy girl, so needless to say this place was right up my street!

The King’s Head is cosy and welcoming with a friendly old world charm. There’s even a real log fire in the bar, not to mention a pool table and a juke box! (I think I squeaked with excitement when we walked in!) They also serve an epic menu (GF, vegan & veggie all well catered for 😉)  & have more options of gin than i’ve ever seen! Best of all you can even bring your dog and they too will get a warm welcome.

Lara & I were headed out for a trail run on Saturday morning (childcare sorted for both of us! - woohoo!) and as a lovely unexpected treat I was invited to stay in one of the pubs 27 lovely rooms. I’ve never craved underfloor heating till I stayed here and now the need is real lol! Here’s a few pics…

Made ourselves super cosy at the King’s Head!

Made ourselves super cosy at the King’s Head!

Anyway, Back to running… Lara and her brother Chris are currently training for the Risk Kitchen Llanelli Half Marathon so Lara and I were planning about 5 miles and I put myself in her safe hands as my tour guide
and we set off.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather as despite it having rained all week Saturday morning was dry and a little blustery, my favourite running conditions! We were headed to Rhosilli beach which is a 4 mile stretch of award winning coastline! (Voted one of the top 10 in the world I believe). We had only just set off & were greeted with views like this…

Just setting off! Wow!

Just setting off! Wow!

The trail underfoot was challenging, but perfect for my amateur level! We headed down tone of the coves to try and get a look at blue pool, which unfortunately we couldn’t see because of the tide… but once again fate was on our side as we saw a dolphin! An actual real life dolphin who was happily swimming around the cove. I’ve never seen one in the wild before so it was an amazing sight! We tried our best to get a photo… unsurprisingly it’s pretty hard lol …

A dolphin! (You’ll need to zoom in lol!)

A dolphin! (You’ll need to zoom in lol!)

We headed back to the gorgeous trail and made our way to Rhosilli beach, switching from trail to sand to run along the beach. It was clear, and quiet & beautiful. Lara was a great guide and we chatted for ages! Not far along the beach there’s a ship wreck which only recently became uncovered a few years ago … had to stop for a photo obviously! Note to self.. don’t try and stand in a wet shipwreck you will fall over & look like an idiot lol!

ship wreck.png
shipwreck 2.png

The headwind got pretty strong so we switched back to the coastal path for more trail and ran the full length of the beach, the miles breezed by quickly as there was so much to see and concentrating on where my feet were falling kept my brain focussed! I was shocked we had done 4.5 miles so soon! Lara’s brother Chris kindly picked us up from the other end of the beach & drove us back to the King’s Head so we could warm up. I headed back to my lovely room for a lush hot bath (omg the bath was huge!!) and then hubby (who I’d dragged’ along) & I headed back over to the pub for food & a pint! Did I mention they have Heineken zero on draft .. another reason for a very happy me!

collage 2.png

I can’t wait to explore more of the Gower trail runs and feel very lucky to have found Lara and the team at the King’s Head. A fab pub who’s owners love running is a winning combo in my eyes! I can’t wait to go back and explore more! Lara has big plans for the running side of things with guided trail runs being mapped out to and from the pub, showing people the wonderful place that Gower is! Running weekends away are definitely on the horizon! Make sure you give them a follow to hear all about what’s happening!

If you’re local check out their free Christmas fun run that’s on the 21st December! You can find full info on their Facebook page!

Thank you again Lara! Ill definitely be back!

Bev xxx

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