Tanya, an Australian Mum of 4 Boys Shares her Ultra Running Adventure

I’m a mum of 4 boys , so yes I’m a busy mum too. I started running when our youngest was about 6mths old he tutored this week . I joined some friends in a local fun run and yes it was fun, so I entered another and then another . I built the courage up to join a local running club and there I formed some lovely friendship with some like minded mums. Fast forward a few years and a few half marathons and many pbs, we went for a girls trip for a half marathon in on of Australia’s most beautiful places - the great ocean road .

After this race I felt that I needed to get my body to where my mind was, I knew I could do better and I needed to get healthy and lose some weight in order to run a better race . On returning home I made a plan to take part in one of Australia’s toughest trail runs, the Ultra Trail Australia in the blue mountains . It was exactly 12mths until race day and I set my eye on the goal.

Within 6mths I had lost 20kgs and on race day I had reach 25kgs lost, and many centimetres were lost as well. I felt so strong and so proud of myself , I stepped up to the start line knowing I had done everything possible and whatever happened on the day I had no control of. I had a great race with no injuries and enjoyed every moment, even the 1km of stairs to the finish line. As I entered the finishing shute I heard some familiar voices ( I was confused as my family were meant to be a 12hour drive away). To my shock it was my 4 boys and husband !! They surprised me and joined me in crossing that finish line! A moment I will never forget and a moment that I am so blessed to of shared with them .

I returned this year to race again and smashed out my time 40mins faster then last year . If you have a goal , go for it !

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Badass ultra runner Tanya lives in Australia and is mum to 4 boys!

You can follow her epic running adventures on Instagram here.

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