Once upon a time there was a princess (okay… a tired mother) called Bev, who in 2016, discovered running at the very young age of um… 34.

After completing the epic quest that is ‘Couch to 5k’ (much to hers and her family’s astonishment!) she was completely bitten by the running bug! Fast forward 3 years and 9 half marathons later she… got injured. Now, Princess Bev did not get herself a running injury, no, she managed to tear a hip muscle picking up a folder from a shelf… oh the glamour!

With no running Bev got bored pretty quick. With a background in brand management and social media (but recently having been let go by her wicked ex boss) she sat at her kitchen table weeping and said to her one true love (handsome prince Christof)… “I wanna start an online community for running mums! We are all far too down on ourselves, it’s a bit shit! I want to make a safe place for mums to encourage each other that's maybe, on occasion, a little bit sweary. I want to call this magical place the ‘Badass Mother Runners Club’ (Because again it sounds a bit sweary and makes me smile). We will remind mums that they are totally BADASS and doing an amazing job, despite what they might think! Is that a really silly idea??? Pour me another wine please!”

But… handsome prince Christof said “why not have a go! (& here’s your wine fair maiden)”. So she did just that in November 2018!

And it grew, and grew, and the support for each other of the women who joined was awe inspiring! Then a couple of months in when people asked for hoody’s and so the ‘Mama got Merch’ range was born…. and they all lived happily ever after! (Because they had running, new friends and cool shit to wear!)

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