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  • Badass Mama Sam on Running with Inflammatory Arthritis

    Me and running were on a break. It’s hard to explain the amount of pain I was in and the frustration I felt when every medical professional put it down to any sport that I did.
  • Returning to running after a Prolapse.

    Standing on the start line I had butterflies. The race started well - probably setting off a little too quick but the pace felt good. The hardest part was between 5-8km but the crowd where amazing. Clapping and cheering every runner that went pass them. I spotted a few people that I knew which helped pushed me on.
  • Running Saved My Life - By Michelle

    Then came the day I realised there was a problem. My resting heart rate had always been low (as had my blood pressure) but it started dropping lower and averaging at 32 bpm instead of 42 (which was my average for a few years). It was my watch that kept alerting me...
  • Michelle Shares her Incredible Journey and her Battle With Lupus

    I came home on 23rd December 2016, just in time to spend Christmas with my family. I could hardly walk, my muscles had all wasted away lying on my back for 9 weeks and I needed 2 walking sticks to get around the house.

  • Running After Cancer ...Take One and Take Two

    Every day, a little more optimism grew and returning to running seemed like a possibility. I got excited about future goals at a time when I really needed it - I was even booking in races while sat in bed in bandages!

  • Badass Mum Kirsty Shares her Incredibly Brave Journey and Talks About How Running Helps her Battle Anxiety, Depression and Bulimia Nervosa

    A few years went by and I moved to a different job where it became more difficult to keep my bulimia nervosa under control, it was that bad I went down into a dark hole and couldn't snap out of it. I stopped running because of the hours I worked and with the change of jobs I got myself into a workaholic mode and just spent most of my time at work, hardly saw my daughter and I didn't know her bedtime routine at all. She missed me, my partner missed me. Scott was the mother and father most of the time. I worked that much it took its toll on me and I was that bad I ended up going down a really dark road