Badass Mamas

  • Running Saved My Life - By Michelle

    Then came the day I realised there was a problem. My resting heart rate had always been low (as had my blood pressure) but it started dropping lower and averaging at 32 bpm instead of 42 (which was my average for a few years). It was my watch that kept alerting me...
  • Helen Shares her Journey Back to Running

    Over the years I've battled with my mental health it stemmed from being bullied at school then I went on to having five miscarriages I am extremely lucky to have both my children.
  • Taking Back Control Through Running

    I still remember the day I started running. I’m a Divorced, Single Mummy to two girls, aged just five and eight. I also suffer with an Anxiety Disorder. The year I got divorced in 2017, I landed my dream career as a Police Constable. A couple of years on…and I found life overwhelming.
  • 'Running Just as Fast as I Can' by Serena

    I am the first to admit that at school I was a bit of an oddity.  I wasn't sure quite where I fitted - on the one hand I was all black nail varnish, tasseled skirts and bootleg Nirvana cassettes.  On the other I had a secret crush on Mark Owen and knew all the words to Don't Love Me for Fun by Boyzone.  Probably for that very reason I was never really one for team sports 
  • Badass Mama Kirsty Shares Her Running Journey

    I did something which at the time felt that it wouldn't happen, and that was put myself into a charity place ballot for the 2022 London Marathon, and lo and behold, I got a place! 
  • Badass Jean on Running Through Cancer

    I was never much of a runner despite having a career that necessitated it. In January 2018 I told my Dad I'd run Race for Life for him and he ...
  • Lockdown turned Amy into a Runner

    There was lots of talk about how productive some people managed to be during lockdown. People wrote novels, learned Spanish, grew organic vegetables, took up the bassoon… I was definitely not one of those people.

  • Couch to Badass by Lindsay

    I could never understand people who ran… Especially for fun! The majority of my life I have struggled with Anxiety and depression, trying new thi...
  • Badass Catie on running the Half Marathon De Sables

    Be warned, this is quite long and it's quite personal, so either discard without further thought or grab a cuppa and hunker down. A few facts: Da...

    When I became pregnant with my first daughter, Grace, a lot of people said I would no longer have time to run. I am not sure about anyone else but if someone suggests I can’t do something I have to prove them wrong! So I sensibly entered the Birmingham marathon which was 8 months post-partum.
  • Badass Clare on Completing Couch to 5k

    The walk home seemed long and uncomfortable, everyone was looking (I’m sure they weren’t, I’m sure they didn’t even care) at the Lycra cladded idiot waking along at a slower speed than that of a sloth

    In December 2019 just before my last chemo sesh I completed a 10k race at Goodwood and the feeling when I finished was emotional but happy emotions! I was bald bit didn’t give a toss, all I thought was Fk you cancer!