Badass Mamas

  • Couch to Badass by Lindsay

    I could never understand people who ran… Especially for fun! The majority of my life I have struggled with Anxiety and depression, trying new thi...
  • Badass Clare on Completing Couch to 5k

    The walk home seemed long and uncomfortable, everyone was looking (I’m sure they weren’t, I’m sure they didn’t even care) at the Lycra cladded idiot waking along at a slower speed than that of a sloth
  • Caitlin's Epic Couch to 5k Journey

    …as I went out and did my run that day, I didn’t feel ashamed anymore - I felt empowered - so... I wasn’t fast, I was still overweight, my face still went a very fetching shade of red. But I didn’t care any more because I was doing it,