Badass Mamas

  • Al on Running and Yoga

    My name is Al and I’m a professional yoga teacher and non-competitive (and super slow) runner. I run to be out in nature, I think if I didn’t run ...
  • Running Saved My Life - By Michelle

    Then came the day I realised there was a problem. My resting heart rate had always been low (as had my blood pressure) but it started dropping lower and averaging at 32 bpm instead of 42 (which was my average for a few years). It was my watch that kept alerting me...
  • Helen Shares her Journey Back to Running

    Over the years I've battled with my mental health it stemmed from being bullied at school then I went on to having five miscarriages I am extremely lucky to have both my children.
  • Taking Back Control Through Running

    I still remember the day I started running. I’m a Divorced, Single Mummy to two girls, aged just five and eight. I also suffer with an Anxiety Disorder. The year I got divorced in 2017, I landed my dream career as a Police Constable. A couple of years on…and I found life overwhelming.
  • Badass Mama Kirsty Shares Her Running Journey

    I did something which at the time felt that it wouldn't happen, and that was put myself into a charity place ballot for the 2022 London Marathon, and lo and behold, I got a place! 
  • How Running in the Rain Helped Vicki Overcome PTSD

    The first day I ran around my garden because I was far too embarrassed to venture out. After the 3rd run I realised I may have to try it though so off I went in my new Nike trainers and I was off!

  • Stacey is Running For The Soul

    I can wake up in the morning with a knot in my stomach due to anxiety, I don’t always know why I feel anxious but I know if I put on my running shoes and get out that door that when I return home that feeling has gone.

  • Claire on Running and PTSD

    The last week I’ve had recurring nightmares and felt panicked at the slightest things.

    My flashbacks have been triggered by the smallest things so much so that I withdrew from some planned activities and spent more time at home in my “safe bubble”.

  • Badass Mum Katie on how Running Built her Confidence and Calms her Anxiety

    It has enriched my life so much that it has become part of my identity. And it is also a crucial part of how I manage my mental health and my anxiety – I run for sanity not vanity!

  • Badass Mum Kirsty Shares her Incredibly Brave Journey and Talks About How Running Helps her Battle Anxiety, Depression and Bulimia Nervosa

    A few years went by and I moved to a different job where it became more difficult to keep my bulimia nervosa under control, it was that bad I went down into a dark hole and couldn't snap out of it. I stopped running because of the hours I worked and with the change of jobs I got myself into a workaholic mode and just spent most of my time at work, hardly saw my daughter and I didn't know her bedtime routine at all. She missed me, my partner missed me. Scott was the mother and father most of the time. I worked that much it took its toll on me and I was that bad I ended up going down a really dark road
  • Running and Anxiety By Chrissy

    The NHS describe anxiety as a feeling of unease, such as a worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. A lot of people feel anxious and at time. This can be a natural and normal feeling that is nothing to worry about however with my anxiety the fear became severe and I began to suffer with intrusive thoughts.
  • Victoria's Journey

    Running, I used to hear that word and wonder, would I be ever be able to run long distance? I stood may times at the Lo...