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  • Let's Talk Pelvic Floor with JULIE

    Leakage and prolapses have been a taboo subject for far too long. There is no shame. The only shame is the lack of education that women get. For most women, the first time they hear the words ‘Kegels’ and ‘prolapse’ is when they actually have an issue. Education is key to bringing down the huge number of women suffering with weak pelvic floor issues.

  • Lockdown turned Amy into a Runner

    There was lots of talk about how productive some people managed to be during lockdown. People wrote novels, learned Spanish, grew organic vegetables, took up the bassoon… I was definitely not one of those people.

  • Running Escapes UK - REVIEW

    Quite literally the girls weekend away that I didn’t even know I needed!

  • Couch to Badass by Lindsay

    I could never understand people who ran… Especially for fun! The majority of my life I have struggled with Anxiety and depression, trying new thi...
  • Badass Catie on running the Half Marathon De Sables

    Be warned, this is quite long and it's quite personal, so either discard without further thought or grab a cuppa and hunker down. A few facts: Da...

    CHANCES ARE YOUR WARM UP, ISN’T A WARM UP! Congratulations you clicked on to read my blog post (If you can even call it that). Unfortunately...

    When I became pregnant with my first daughter, Grace, a lot of people said I would no longer have time to run. I am not sure about anyone else but if someone suggests I can’t do something I have to prove them wrong! So I sensibly entered the Birmingham marathon which was 8 months post-partum.
  • Badass Clare on Completing Couch to 5k

    The walk home seemed long and uncomfortable, everyone was looking (I’m sure they weren’t, I’m sure they didn’t even care) at the Lycra cladded idiot waking along at a slower speed than that of a sloth

    In December 2019 just before my last chemo sesh I completed a 10k race at Goodwood and the feeling when I finished was emotional but happy emotions! I was bald bit didn’t give a toss, all I thought was Fk you cancer!
  • Mum of 4, Jemma, Shares her PB Smashing Running Journey

    I started my running journey 10 years ago after having my second baby, I literally went out to the local park with my best friend and started power walking, then jog/walking and eventually running! .

    I had no idea about pace, times, distances, no fancy watch, not even an app on my phone! All I literally cared about was how amazing it felt every time, the endorphins helped me deal with the stresses of being a young mum to 2 small babies! Literally babies 18 months and 2 months! The time out the house was mine, and I in that short time I could almost be free! (Sounds corny but so true) .

  • Can We Talk About Running? By Laura

    It seems like stating the obvious to say that having children has irrevocably changed my body. I didn’t really listen when friends told me that my body would change. It went straight over my head. Then, in the weeks after I gave birth, I remembered what they’d said and understood. Pregnancy and birth (both times) significantly weakened me. Second time around, it was easier to come to terms with because I knew roughly what to expect. But first time around? Hell, that was a shock. I didn’t recognise my body at all. It was squishy and wobbly and flaccid. It leaked. I didn’t want this body. I wanted the one I’d had before I’d got pregnant. The one that was strong and could run 10k with no difficulty. This one had trouble sitting up without help.

  • How Running in the Rain Helped Vicki Overcome PTSD

    The first day I ran around my garden because I was far too embarrassed to venture out. After the 3rd run I realised I may have to try it though so off I went in my new Nike trainers and I was off!